During 19-20th January 2016 period, I was at the Internet Retailing Expo 2016 in Jakarta. This was the first Southeast Asia’s conference/expo focuses on eCommerce and Online Retail held in Indonesia. In a normal case, with these types of events, Singapore would normally be the host, such as eTail Asia event that I attended as a roundtable moderator in March last year.


In this Internet Retailing Expo Jakarta, I brought along with me the Priceza team for the roadshow. The event was quite big, which indicates the enthusiasm in eCommerce market in Indonesia, with participants from many countries around South East Asia and various businesses displaying their booths. Most important of all, the participants were real industry players, which allowed me to expand my network with fellow colleagues within the same industry.



The topic I shared in this expo was:

How Mobile drives Indonesian to do shopping discovery and price comparison

With over 10 Million monthly shopping visits to Priceza, Thanawat will share insights on how consumers in SE Asia use Mobile to empower them in making smarter shopping decision, and how Brands and Ecommerce Stores can utilize this opportunities to engage with consumers.

I used my 6-year experience from starting and operating Priceza since 2010 to summarize the consumer behavioral trend in South East Asia. I emphasized on the behavior of using Internet as a decision factor in purchasing goods, which led to opportunity for eCommerce retailers to use price comparison sites in engaging its target market in a more intriguing way.

I would like to share two fascinating statistics for those that are interested in eCommerce business in Indonesia as follow:

Fifty percent of Indonesian Internet users use smartphone in product price and specification comparison before purchase.


What if you were to compare the same statistic with other countries in South East Asia? It is apparent that Indonesian Internet users are more likely to compare the product price and specification than any other countries. This shows that Indonesian shoppers are price and value sensitive. It is also the reason why so many people are using online price comparison service.


You can read the full slides here.

[slideshare id=57948403&doc=pricezairx2016-013-160206091318]