Here are some tried and tested methods of increase your holiday sales numbers.

1. Mobile First

It is essential to have strong presence on mobile devices for closing more sales. While many large brands have already launched their mobile apps, other sellers can put up a mobile optimized website to make the most of the holiday sales.

2. Offline to Online

You can get a share of the holiday sales pie, even if you do not have an e-commerce site! Many brick and mortar stores today set up an online shop through social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Start Early to Close More Sales

Get your website or app holiday sale ready, before the sale date! This way you avoid any technical glitch and offer the best user experience to your visitors.

4. Go All Around With Your Marketing Efforts

Don’t just rely on your social media or PPC campaigns, but create some engaging activity and promote them through your website and social media pages to create user involvement.

5. Make Your Advertisements More Interactive

If you are looking at creating an edge over your competitors, video advertisements are the best way to go. Not only video ads are amazingly interactive, they can go viral if created intelligently. Thus, investing in festival specific, story telling video ads can give you much leverage in social media platforms as well as YouTube. Advertising with leading shopping search engines can be a great way to increase interactivity too.