Priceza CEO Talk: eCommerce Monthly review (June 2017)

“eCommerce Monthly Review” is a video that Priceza CEO shared his thought and insight about eCommerce market in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Take a look at the video for these topics:

– Why we need to talk about “Mobile Era”?

– We’ve been in the “Mobile Era” for a couple of years already.

  • In Oct 2016, Mobile internet usage surpassed that of Desktop worldwide.
  • The number of Android users is getting bigger, and may soon surpass the number of Windows users.

– What about Priceza?

  • 70% of Priceza users in Thailand access the site from mobile devices
  • 80% of Priceza users in Indonesia access the site from mobile devices

– What Does “Mobile First” Mean?

– Do we focus on Mobile First already?

– Tips for Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers

  • “Mobile First” by itself is not enough!

– What’s the usual customer pre-purchase behavior?

  • “Best Price” is the most important factor for consumers!



Thanawat Malabuppha is the CEO and Co-founder of Priceza, the leading shopping search engine and comparison platform in Southeast Asia. He is passionate about eCommerce and technology. His mission is to help millions of shoppers across Southeast Asia with a one-stop portal of information to make smart shopping decision, and thousands of merchants to connect with online shoppers.