In recent times, with advancement of technology and data science, marketing scene has changed significantly. It is especially true for eCommerce industry which is highly tech-savvy by nature. As a result, today’s eCommerce marketing differs widely from that of five years ago.

Another crucial factor that one must take into account is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While eCommerce marketing has changed over the past years, it is on the verge of drastic change today. With Chat-bots and AI taking over much of repetitive tasks, there is a widespread panic about skills being obsolete and jobs being lost.

But, is there a real reason to get scared?

Yes, Chat-bots and AI will take over much of front-line customer interaction and marketing in eCommerce industry.

However, there are many skills that are going to be in high demand. And for marketing professionals working in eCommerce industry, it’ll be crucial to master these to stay relevant despite the changing scenario.

So, here are the key marketing skills that are more likely to be in-demand in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In recent times, the rise of AI and Chat-bots have become a widely talked about phenomenon. From ad targeting to dynamic pricing, AI can be and will be utilized in various segments of marketing. And eCommerce being an early adopter of technology is expected to lead the way in this regard.

Apparently, this may look like a bleak situation for eCommerce marketing professionals.

However, AI programs cannot function properly without domain experts.

Thus, cross functional positions that combine marketing expertise with AI knowledge will be in high demand in near future.

Data Analytics

eCommerce marketing is highly data centric and marketers today depend heavily on CRM, ERP data to create marketing strategies.

With the advancement of Big Data and more sophisticated data analytics tools, online retailers would heavily depend on analytics to predict market trends, identify consumer preferences and create focused marketing strategies that produce better ROI.

In the coming years, data analytics will become a crucial skill for marketing professionals to function optimally. By combining years of marketing expertise with in-depth knowledge of data analytics tools, seasoned marketing professionals can increase their professional value manifolds.


Well, many may deem SEO as a dead-end; but eCommerce marketers must swear by it.

In today’s age, when most of the consumers are likely to run a Google search to find a product they require, SEO is important like never before. While on-site and off-site SEO is crucial for marketing efforts of any eCommerce business; PPC campaigns are equally rewarding for generating inorganic traffic.

Presently, most eCommerce businesses recruit seasoned SEO experts to ensure top page ranking for their various landing pages. However, more often than not, these SEO experts have to work in close co-ordination with marketing division to ensure uniform digital marketing focus.

With increased competition in the industry, businesses are likely to look for marketing experts who can hold their own in SEO as well.

Thus, marketers who have in-depth knowledge of SEO and PPC campaigns will get considerable edge over others when it comes to job eligibility.

HTML/CSS Knowledge

A lot of what eCommerce marketers do consist of writing online content, drafting marketing e-mails and publishing click-bait blog posts. And for all these marketing methods to work properly, it is essential for them to look great.

While there is no need to turn into a full-fledged designer or developer, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can go a long in creating good looking content that converts.

Thus, one can safely say that HTML and CSS knowledge is going to become an in-demand skill for an eCommerce marketer for years to come.

Video Making

Well, videos are the new language of marketing, more so in eCommerce space.

The highly interactive nature of video content makes it the preferred medium for displaying products, showcasing the utilities and in general, generate more audience engagement. Moreover, the recent Live Video Broadcast feature in popular social media sites such as Facebook and the immense enthusiasm of users around it has made it the Holy Grail of digital marketing.

With video content taking the central stage in digital marketing and consumer engagement, video making skill is going to become a primary requirement for any eCommerce marketers.

Last Word

Both eCommerce and Marketing are fast adopters when it comes to technology. Thus, it is essential to constantly upgrade and upskill oneself to stay relevant in these fields. Keeping in mind the technological advancement and changing trends in eCommerce industry, one can safely say that the five skills mentioned above are going to be in high demand in the coming years.

Time to up-skill yourself to succeed in this AI driven world!